Interview Coaching

interview coaching

Are you looking for support getting through a phone or in-person interview?

Interviewing is one of the most unnatural conversations an applicant is going to have during a job search, or perhaps in their life.  There is almost always anxiety around public speaking. However, we all know searching for interview questions on the internet is like going down a proverbial rabbit hole. An applicant can study the answers to 100 of the most common interview questions and still not get asked one of them. So, how do you effectively prep for an interview?

There is one universal truth that will move you through the interview cycle.  At KDB Coaching, we know what makes an applicant the most prepared for the interview, and we know just what you need to do, say, present, and pitch to secure an offer letter.

One universal fact remains across the applicant pool:  The most prepared applicant always gets the job.

The real question though is what makes the most prepared applicant, and is it always the same criteria?

Time and again, KDB Coaching has found that candidates who inquire about our interview coaching services, generally do so because they had a bad interview, and maybe they simply did not prepare well for the meeting.   Interview preparation and research are an art of their own.

Do you know how to mine LinkedIn and company websites for information?  Do you focus on the best parts of the company website?  Have you always looked up your interviewer’s names on LinkedIn?  Did you bring the same resume to the interview that you applied with?

Whatever the situation, interview coaching is a large part of our client services at KDB Coaching and there is almost nothing that can not be overcome.

Interview Preparation Topics Include

  • Interview Etiquette & Attire
  • How to Research a Prospective Employer
  • Hiring Manager Profiles
  • Off the Wall Questions
  • How to Discuss Resume Gaps & Terminations
  • Using Linked In as an Investigation Tool
  • References: Who to Use & When to Contact Them
  • What Interview Questions to Worry About
  • Developing Your Own List of Questions to Ask the Interviewer
  • Phone Interviews
  • Video Interviews
  • Tests & Assessments
  • Post Interview Follow Up
  • Handwritten vs. Email Thank You Notes

For more information about our Interview Coaching Services, please schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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