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In the United States, about 176 million people are on LinkedIn. At any time, you can find 5 million open jobs posted on LinkedIn in the United States. But those two statistics pale compared to the 87% of recruiters who actively use LinkedIn every day. Do you know if a recruiter can find you? Does your LinkedIn profile stand out? Are you leading them to your competition? Unsure? Then consider our LinkedIn training.

KDB Coaching offers a LinkedIn Training and Profile Development course to teach you how to use LinkedIn. In short, it teaches you to understand what matters most to recruiters. First, a well-written profile ensures recruiters can find your profile. Second, LinkedIn is not just an online résumé. At its best, it is a digital career portfolio and the number one way you can lead recruiters to you.

LinkedIn Profile Development & Training

KDB Coaching makes it easy to learn how to navigate LinkedIn and make your profile shine. Whether you take our DIY LinkedIn course or sign up to work with Kris directly for one on one coaching, we can help you with your career social marketing. We offer both LinkedIn training and LinkedIn profile writing services. Whatever your situation, we have a LinkedIn training that works for you on your time.

Although the training covers technical topics, above all it teaches our clients to understand LinkedIn from the perspective of recruiters. Each profile field in LinkedIn matters to a recruiter. For example, the skills section lists 50 opportunities for a recruiter to find candidates with the skills they want. Morover, the recruiter tools lists candidates by highest skills match. If you aren’t using that section effectively, your profile shows at the bottom of the list.

If you don’t know what they are looking for, your profile is not going to attract and engage hiring managers who want to find subject matter experts.

LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge

In less than 5 minutes a day, quickly revise and update your LinkedIn profile by accessing this 30-day challenge. If you need more help beyond the challenge, contact Kris Drobocky Baitoo for in-depth LinkedIn training solutions.

Challenge highlights:

  • Profile SEO optimization
  • Profile picture & cover photo image strategy
  • Writing ‘About’ sections that get noticed
  • Understanding how recruiters search for candidates
  • Leveraging job search functionality
  • Privacy & public visibility
  • LinkedIn vs. résumés
  • Searching for jobs
  • Submitting LinkedIn job applications

Kris Drobocky Baitoo is a Certified Digital Career Strategist and has been working with LinkedIn technology since its inception. You can connect with Kris on LinkedIn here.

LinkedIn training, certified digital career strategist

What Clients are Saying

“With both my LinkedIn profile and résumé updated, I feel much more confident searching for jobs.”

After the success of a well-written résumé, I had Kris take a go on my LinkedIn profile. It was sparse, poorly written, and I felt it didn’t represent me. She didn’t just rewrite my résumé, she tailored it for social media. With both my LinkedIn profile and résumé updated, I feel much more confident searching for jobs. To summarize Kris: professional, honest, great business ethics, great writer!

Michael G., Yelp Review
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