How Much Does Career Coaching Cost?

We completely understand that the cost of career coaching is a huge consideration for our clients. As a result, our philosophy is that every client is in charge of their career and budget. You help decide how much support you need. Pricing for coaching services is individual and based on customized packages. We can customize any coaching package with add-on services and your goals top of mind. Above all, we recognize that one size does not fit all.

We may only get to work with you for an hour or two to polish your résumé or online profile. For others, we may work together for several weeks or months while you go through your entire job search cycle.

All prospective clients will receive a 30-minute phone consultation at no charge. The goal of the call is to determine goals, solidify our approach, and answer any questions about the process.  It’s crucial to determine if we can work together and you are comfortable with the coaching philosophy. Moreover, we want you to be comfortable with us.

So, how much does career coaching cost? Cost factors include whether we are starting with a solid résumé, and ultimately your goals and budget. In short, we won’t know how to price until we walk through a consultation with you.

Instead of “how much does career coaching cost,” the better question is how much will a poorly written résumé or interview strategy cost you in lost time and opportunity?

Career Coaching Client Profile

Most of our clients are mid-career professionals. They come to us focused on navigating a significant career, industry, or life change. Many are between 40 and 65 and they are seeking clarity on the next few roles before retirement.

We work with clients from multiple industries. For example, this includes healthcare, tech, retail, education, state and federal government, non-profits, staffing, workforce solutions, and sales.

Early career candidates make up the other 20% of our client base. They may be recent graduates, college juniors working on internship selection, and graduate school applicants.

Other scenarios include:

  • Those thinking about a future job change (it’s never too early to plan)
  • Those coming out of COVID and wanting to update their résumé to reflect new skills
  • Those considering a shift to a new line of work
  • Those who have lost a job and are reentering the workforce
  • Those looking to take their career to the next level, but need to identify what that actually looks like


Please see the résumé writing page for more information and an overview of the writing strategy employed by KDB Coaching.

Linked In Profile Development

Please see the LinkedIn Services Page for more information and an overview of the social media strategy employed by KDB Coaching.

KDB Online Coaching Portal

KDB Coaching uses an online coaching portal for all clients.  The portal houses your coaching curriculum, training notes, assessment access and reports, action items, and any messaging that may be pertinent to our time together.

We believe that the online tool gives us an edge against the competition because if we can make coaching easy and engaging from the beginning, you are going to get more out of it.

kdb coaching, online learning, coaching cost
Sample of the client overview page in the KDB Coaching Online Portal. Profiles are customized for each client.

Coaching Format

We use Zoom or the good old telephone to facilitate coaching sessions. Zoom is typically best for building rapport with your coach. It’s also a great practice environment as many companies have a video interview as part of the hiring process.

Other Things To Keep In Mind…

The success of any career coaching relationship is dependent on your participation and open feedback. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the work. We encourage you to use the concepts, suggestions, information, articles, tip sheets, and documentation that you receive from KDB Coaching. The tools we provide support your job search and career transition goals.  You are hiring KDB Coaching to represent you and all finished products should have your input and sign off.

KDB Coaching & Consulting does not offer recruiting services.   We will not present jobs to you or recruit on behalf of any company or individual.

Kristina Drobocky Baitoo is not a therapist, life coach, or licensed counselor.   This career coaching practice is entirely focused on job search and career transition. Our program is based on Kris’ extensive tenure in the workforce solutions industry.  Kris’s skills, education, background, and qualifications are outlined on her LinkedIn profile.

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