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Looking to Relaunch Your Career?

career, job search, career launch, career relaunchI love working with my clients who are returning to the workforce after a break.  I know it seems daunting to anyone faced with the proposition of how to get back in the workforce, but if you are focused, savvy, and open to networking, there are opportunities out there.  Read on for a few of my tips and a fantastic TED talk.

How to Get Back In the Workforce

#1.  Start talking to people.  It is not enough to sit at the computer and apply to jobs.  No matter your career stage, the chances of something happening that way are slim.  If you are a relaunching your career, all a recruiter is going to see online is the break.  If you reach out to everyone you know, and then some, they are going to see that you are eager, focused, driven, and you can steer the conversation into the skills you bring to the table from your past work experiences, but also your non-work life.

#2. Don’t be afraid to take a temporary position.  Contingent work is here to stay.   Temporary work for anyone getting back into the market is sound strategy to get recent work experience, references, Linked In recommendations, get yourself acclimated to a workplace environment, and show people what you are capable of.   Once a company spends time, training, and emotional investment in a person, they are very likely to make the hire from a temp role.

#3.  Get your technical skills up to par.   There are so many online classes you can take for Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the comfort of your sofa, that there is no excuse to not know the basics.   It is not an employers job to teach those, you will have to show up ready to go.  If you take the temping route, most agencies offer free training software that you can use to learn or expand your skills.  Just ask.   Another great resource is www.lynda.com (owned by LinkedIn), that offers a monthly subscription for around $25, that gives access to unlimited classes on anything from Microsoft Products, to WordPress, to accounting and marketing.

#4.  Get outside help with your résumé and LinkedIn.   Very few people do a great job on their own résumé and Linked In profile.  Not even me.  If you don’t have the resources to work with a career coach or résumé service, find a good recruiter who is willing to put in the time to get your résumé up to par.   At the very least, show it to a couple of friends.  Proofreading is everything!

I recently came across this fantastic TED talk addressing how to get back in the workforce.  There is nothing here that I disagree with.  I love that companies are starting to look at mature and reentry or relaunch career candidates to fill open positions.  There is a job out there for you!

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