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The End Of The Decade

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I read something posted on Facebook, reminding me that we had three weeks until the end of the decade. What the post wanted to know was if I had what I set out to accomplish since 2010. My accomplishments?

Wait… what?

It stopped me in my tracks because unlike decades past, I had not realized that we were at the end of the decade in the first place. Ten years snuck up on me. My husband and I had quite a few conversations around this topic over our holiday break.

The interesting thing is that I have probably done more in the last ten years than any other decade, with the possible exception of years 11 to 20. I also saw a great meme on Facebook on the 1st, reminding me that our lists of accomplishments wax and wane every year. So if your accomplishments list was light for 2019, never fear! We all need to take some time to recharge to get things done. We can’t do it all every year.

That said, like many of us, sometimes I feel like I have not done enough. I struggle with that. This feeling intensifies when I read the quarterly magazines from my high school, but I digress. So in an attempt to realize that, indeed, I had done one or two things last decade, here is my list of notable accomplishments over the previous ten years:

Accomplishments 2010 – 2019

  • Completed 23 years in corporate and left at the top
  • Started a company
  • Made said company profitable year one
  • Helped 90% of my clients obtain a new job in less than four months
  • Helped 98% of my clients find a new job or get into the grad school of their choice
  • Got married
  • Bought two houses
  • Sold two houses
  • Moved to a new city
  • Realized a childhood dream of living on a ranch and having my horses at home
  • Rode in horse shows and clinics
  • Learned to drive a horse trailer, RV/5th wheel, a tractor, and an ATV
  • Became “Auntie Kris” and now get requests to go to the zoo with no parents
  • Rescued three dogs and made great friends in the rescue community
  • Acquired two amazing horses
  • Learned how to grade the earth with a tractor and install a round pen

As you can see, my accomplishments are not just about work. They used to be, but over the years, I have begun to look at everything from the lens of what truly motivates me. Work allows me to have animals and not drive my spouse crazy. The animals allow me to be a better person and recharge. If I recharge, I am better for my husband, my family, and all of you.

You might be wondering what my goals are for the next ten years. Honestly, I am not sure. The end of the decade came a little too quickly this time, and I will be working on the goals and plan for this next year over the next few weeks.

If you are like me and sometimes wonder what you have accomplished, write a list of your own. Feel free to share it with me or someone in your support circle. I guarantee if you stop for a moment and reflect, the end of your decade has some fabulous accomplishments too.

Looking Forward

I do know that I have some great things planned for my clients in terms of tools, resources, courses, and strategies to support you through your job changes and career aspirations.

So here is to a fantastic 2020 for all of us!!!

All the best, Kris 

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